Matsuri: Japanese Brands Summer Specials at Chanintr Craft

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Matsuri: Japanese Brands Summer Specials at Chanintr Craft

05 Jul, 2023

In the heart of summer, Chanintr Craft is thrilled to invite you to explore the stunning and unique world of Japanese craftsmanship through our upcoming campaign, “Matsuri: Japanese Brands Summer Specials.” This promotion, running from July 1 to August 15, 2023, aims to celebrate the rich heritage, meticulous artistry and innovative spirit of Japanese design as encapsulated by the exceptional brands we proudly carry in our collection.

Japan, an island nation with a vibrant culture deeply connected with nature and marked by centuries of tradition, has long been recognized for its exceptional contribution to the design world. The Japanese ethos, which harmoniously merges functionality with aesthetics, brings to life creations that aren’t just visually appealing, but also radiate warmth, serenity and soulful beauty.

At Chanintr Craft, we’ve always had a deep admiration for Japanese design and its timeless appeal. Our handpicked collection of Japanese brands is not just furniture, but also the embodiment of philosophy and artistry, where each piece narrates a unique story. These carefully crafted designs are more than just functional objects; they are a reflection of age-old traditions, contemporary interpretations and a foresighted vision of sustainability and harmony that Japanese design has to offer.

This special promotion presents a golden opportunity to enrich your spaces with the tranquil beauty of Japanese design. It is an invitation to step into a world of enduring elegance, to learn about the tales behind each brand and to bring home a piece of Japan’s design legacy.

Join us in celebrating the timeless elegance, meticulous craftsmanship and serene beauty of Japanese design. To learn more, contact our sales associates or visit our showroom today.


A collaboration between Legnatec and Hirata Chair, two renowned factories from the furniture-producing town of Morodomi, Ariake infuses international design sensibilities with the profound spirit of Japanese culture. With a 30-piece collection crafted from a diverse range of materials, Ariake exemplifies the beauty that can be born out of unity and mutual respect, symbolizing a new dawn for these two factories.

Conde House

Rooted in the lush forests of Hokkaido, Conde House blends respect for nature and consideration for people into their craft. Specializing in handcrafted wooden furniture, Conde House’s intricate designs and gentle shapes echo the heart of Japan, bringing comfort and elegance into any setting.

Karimoku Case Study

As a contemporary lifestyle brand, Karimoku Case Study showcases Japan’s leading manufacturing standards in wooden furniture. Working alongside world-renowned architects, each collection tells a unique story through its native setting, embracing the material richness, serene beauty and timeless appeal inherent in each design.


With a rich history dating back to 1928, Maruni has been a pioneering force in Japanese furniture craftsmanship. Fusing traditional woodworking and handicraft techniques with modern innovations, Maruni continues to push boundaries, working with world-leading industrial designers to create elegant, understated pieces that encapsulate Japanese design’s heart.


Established in 1992, Ritzwell has consistently pursued the creation of high-quality furniture that demonstrates superior craftsmanship. With an emphasis on timeless designs, refined materials, and a deep connection between the creator and user, Ritzwell’s furniture invites warmth and tranquility into your daily life.

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